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Mapa Pieszych provides you with data that helps you choose a good location for your business.
Check the potential of the location before you invest in the premises.

Let's assume you have a choice of 2-3 locations with comparable rental or purchase conditions. Even minor differences in the level of traffic in front of the premises are of great importance.

It is better to rely on proven data, because if you quickly choose a less frequented you will lose hundreds of thousands of zlotys in revenue over the years:

Example: €6.000 the value of the daily sale x 10% less traffic x 5 years selling here = €936.000 less income.

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As part of your subscription, you can download detailed reports for the location of each pin you add.

JHow is the traffic of people distributed over specific hours - find out the best opening hours of your premises

What is the impact of the seasons on traffic - cwill the number of customers in the cold months keep your business profitable?

How your chosen location looks like in comparison to the neighboring streets. Maybe you will find more potential customers nearby?

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